Configurator – A command-line interface for managing pokeyworks.PokeyConfig files.

PokeyGame – A basic console game framework, with procedural world generation and pathfinding.

PokeyWorks – A framework for a variety of Python projects (irc, app configuration, utility, and other functions).  Written in Python 2.7 (Limited 3.x compatibility)

admin_tools_gtk – A linux administrator productivity tool with Purple (pidgin/finch) library integration, domain DNS, WHOis, SSL, and other lookups, and a searchable predefined or script library framework.  Written in Python 2.7/Gtk 3.0, requires the PokeyWorks framework.

ircBots – A simple IRC bot framework, including a console interface for deploying and interfacing with the bots.  Direct socket method, written in Python 2.7, requires the PokeyWorks framework.

WPMultiTool – A console WordPress multi-tool and debugger with various functionality, built in Python 2.7/curses, requires the PokeyWorks framework.

PokeyHost – A suite of utilities for Linux web hosting, built in Python 2.6 and requiring the PokeyWorks framework.

ProjectEuler – My Python solutions to this great learning series.