Installing Dwarf Fortress on a Debian Droplet

I recently began playing this gem of a game again, and I decided I wanted to set it up on my Debian droplet so I can access the same game from any location.  I recently installed Rogue and this seemed like a logical next step.  I went ahead and downloaded the archive and extracted it.

Reading up on the dependencies, I noted 32-bit libraries would be required, so I enabled the architecture, updated apt-get, and installed the missing libraries.

Dwarf fortress runs as an x-windows application, and without a display, emulation is required.  This can be accomplished using xvfb.   I installed this library and created an alias to run it in screen, then set the DISPLAY variable to the virtual server display..

As a final configuration step, I updated the  df_linux/data/init/init.txt to disable sound and enable TEXT mode:

Now as long as I connect with an appropriate terminal emulator I can play DF from anywhere.


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