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In order to streamline my application configuration process, I put together a utility that can be useful in creating and managing file-based settings.  The tool is a command line script that has some optional arguments.


Interacting with options and values requires the use of the menu system. This release will be limited in functionality to opening and editing files – conversion functions are built but not yet vetted, and should be skipped until future notice.

You can suppress the banner with the  -k --skip argument.  Hit o to specify a file to open.  Everything is prompted, and the functions are very straightforward.  The available functions have been tested in a limited capacity.

There is not much output in this version, errors will show stack traces in some cases, this is an alpha release.  I’m working up the logging, debug, and other messaging, and additional functionality like directed conversions.  As it stands, the utility should function nicely in editing files created using the PokeyConfig class.

Start by copying the example file in the  /resources/frameworks/ directory and open it to edit the options.

To utilize the file in your application, use the pokeyworks.PokeyConfig class.

Full details on PokeyConfig.  This class is only useful for file-based configuration of Python applications, future versions will include python-based file configurations.

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