The Python smtplib module offers a high-level interface to what is typically a very low-level process, offering handy dictionary returns and several convenience methods to process and send SMTP e-mail messages.  Anyone who has worked with e-mail knows it can be a beast, with effective diagnosis of issues often involving time-consuming review of cryptic logs and a cascading list of potential “gotchas” to miss or misinterpret; this tool is part one in a suite of utilities that will help to streamline the scripted sending of messages and provide a more human-readable alerts system based on scraping e-mail headers of received messages.

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As a developer working in the web space, I feel this is a bit overdue – I’ve run across hundreds of sites exactly like what this is intended to be.  This project exists to help me organize my thoughts and keep in the practice of maintaining and expanding a website as I pursue additional knowledge.

I’ll be posting projects, code, rants, and whatever else I feel like, and I’ll leave things open a little for forums and commenting.