Your friendly interface to pokey projects.

PokeyAPI is my own attempt at creating a RESTful interface for interacting with my development projects.  SSL is required, and user registration, authentication, and IP address restrictions are strictly enforced.


Most access routes will require authentication, which requires registration.  Registration requests can be sent to https://api.pokeybill.us/users with POST data containing a username, password, and email.

Once registered, a user can send a POST request to the login URL to obtain an API token, which can be used to authenticate requests for other areas.  Login at https://api.pokeybill.us/login 

API Tokens

API tokens are issued for 24 hour periods at the current stage of development, and are valid only for requests originating from the same IP address as the user login request which generates the token.

API Functions

A list of available functions with examples
  • / – general instructions
  • /usage – usage base destination
  • /usage/function  provides function-specific details
  • /users
    • GET
    • POST – User Registration, required details: {username,password,email}
  • /users/username – requires an API token, returns user details
  •  /login
    • GET – Login details
    • POST – User login, requires credentials: {username,password}