site_backups alpha version released!

Alpha Version

PokeyHost v0.1-alpha

The website backups utility is functioning in a limited capacity, there are few a still bugs to iron out but runs are succeeding without error and the results are as expected.

While I was intending to use the MySQLdb module to handle all database activities, I opted to use it instead only for the connectivity and diagnostic testing portion of the application.  When it comes to actually dumping the data, mysqldump is a simpler (and faster in some cases) solution.

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PokeyWorks Update

Check out the newly added PokeyWorks PokeyConfig description at the project page.

This class is at the core of PokeyWorks and was the initial reason I started the framework.  It offers a file-based configuration superclass, enabling a familiar route to configuring an application, and the flexibility of multiple separate configurations.

See my GitHub repository, I will have a Readme available soon.


As a developer working in the web space, I feel this is a bit overdue – I’ve run across hundreds of sites exactly like what this is intended to be.  This project exists to help me organize my thoughts and keep in the practice of maintaining and expanding a website as I pursue additional knowledge.

I’ll be posting projects, code, rants, and whatever else I feel like, and I’ll leave things open a little for forums and commenting.